Snapping Turtle Visits Family’s Yard Leading To An Unexpected Rescue Mission

A New Jersey family got an unexpected surprise when a giant snapping turtle visited their backyard. Frank’s wife alerted the family to the turtle’s arrival and they all watched as the turtle wiggled into the mulch in their garden. She stayed for a while and then left.

The following day, after a rain storm, Frank went out to the garden to survey the damage and spotted what looked like ping pong balls – “Snippy” had left her eggs! The eggs had been damaged from the rains, but that didn’t stop the family from rescuing the unhatched turtles. Then three weeks later…

Frank says it was an unreal experience watching the eggs hatch with his children. The kids named every single one of the hatchlings – Snappy, Charlie, Lil’ Baggins, Sunshine and more. And they happily released the turtles at a nearby lake and watched the turtles’ instincts kick in.

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