Sibling Ice Dancers Show Off Impressive Skills With Incredible Skate To ‘Nothing Else Matters’

A wonderful skating routine by Oona and Gage Brown is impressing millions of people around the globe for its energy and athleticism. The siblings are Team USA Ice Dancers who have skated in many junior championship competitions and are starting to get noticed.

For this video’s particular Ice Dance routine Oona, 16, and Gage, 18, perform to Metallica and Marlisa’s “Nothing Else Matters” while skating outside at Bryant Park’s Winter Village ice rink in New York City during the Thanksgiving holidays.

The choreography is graceful and exciting. And what’s equally impressive is the camerawork – the cameraman films alongside them on the ice, making their skate all the more exciting to watch!

“Unbelievable. I am rooting for them,” said one YouTube viewer after watching the video performance. “The cameraman and choreographer were also phenomenal.”

“Pure art,” said another.

Oona and Gage have had a great 2020 season in competition despite the pandemic. In 2020 they earned the U.S. junior national bronze medal and finished within the top ten at the 2020 World Junior Championships. This is all to say, these two are catapulting towards success in their near future!

The pair began skating back in 2009 when they saw their older sister taking skating lessons. Gage started skating at age 7 and Oona at age 5.

Of skating together and having picked Ice Dance, Gage said in an interview, “We feel like we are able to express ourselves more on the ice with each other, skating as a team definitely gives us more confidence. Both of us when skating singles would get pretty nervous before competitions, we still get nervous but no where near as much as we used to. We’re also not a huge fan of the jumps so we’re pretty glad we don’t have to do those anymore.”

And watching them perform together, we think they chose wisely. They not only have impressive skills, but they obviously have a lot of fun performing together!

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