Woman Refuses To Treat ‘Strange’ Horse Like An Outcast

Meet Shammy! The miniature horse has the dwarfism gene, which means he’ll always be tiny. At 5 months old, Shammy is just 50 pounds and 20 inches tall. What he lacks in size he makes up for in heart.

His mom says he’s one in a million and behaves much like a dog. He follows her around her farm in Georgia, USA and loves to cuddle with her. Shammy may create a bit of mischief too, but he’s also very lovable!

All that adorableness has meant he’s becoming a bit of a celebrity and people constantly ask Michele if they can take him home, but Michele has no intention of letting her baby go.

Sadly, Shammy will face medical problems when he gets older, but for now she’s giving the affectionate horse as much love and attention as she can!

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