Incredibly Tiny Horse Breaks World Records And Spreads Joy To Sick Children

Meet Thumbelina! This adorable little horse is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest horse in the world. Measuring just 17.5 inches high and weighing 57 pounds, Thumbelina was born to two mini horse parents.


Screenshot via YouTube

She was also born with dwarfism, making her extra small. Although horses with her condition are often sickly, Thumbelina fortunately healthy. Her hind legs may be a little bit crooked, but her corrective horse shoes make sure she can run and play with the other horses at her parents farm at Goose Creek Farms in St. Louis, Missouri.

Thumbelina also has a guard dog named Castica. The two are very close.


Thumbelina with Castica. Photo credit: LetteraLei

Thumbelina also has a special connection with children and loves spending time with them. Her family noticed this and  began visiting children’s hospitals with her.


Thumbelina visiting children at hospital. Photo credit: Ultimate Horse Site

Thumbelina’s owner and caretakers Michael, Paul and Kay Goessling regularly take Thumbelina all over the United States, where her sweet disposition brightens the lives of sick children. She has her own special ThumbyMobile to tour the country in style. They also set up the Thumbelina Charitable Foundation to help children in need.

Michael says Thumbelina has a remarkable effect on sick kids and makes everything all right for them for a little while. He says, “With all of her imperfections, Thumbelina is a perfect miracle to those children.”

For such a small horse, she has a huge heart! Share Thumbelina with your friends and family!