Senior Woman And Grocery Store Clerk Have Funny Stand Off Every Time She Shops

A senior woman and a grocery store employee share a routine that’s both funny and wholesome. In the cute video shared on reddit, an elderly woman is seen inside a grocery store. She’s looking at the produce and there’s a shopping clerk with his back turned to her nearby. The video surveillance footage looks normal enough. But it’s when she puts her hand into her coat pocket that the action really starts.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the reddit version below:

Given the compilation of clips and her change of scarves, it seems that the senior lady comes by to have a “stand off” every time she comes by shopping. And the clerk’s creative combat made us laugh. Bananas? How delightful is that?

One redditor commented, “I wonder how this started, it’s so sweet.”

The only clue seems to be the clerk’s vest which reads “Pamplemousse” indicating the store is in a French-speaking country.

Other viewers wondered how the clerk knows when to be ready for the elderly woman’s visits. One viewer responded, “Most supermarkets around me have a day of the week that seniors get an extra 5-10% off. So he probably knows what day of the week she’ll be there. Source: my mother’s strict shopping schedule.”

Others had an adorable argument of what he had stuck in the vest for “weapon”.

“He’s got carrots stuck [in] there like knives, LOL. But the old lady is gonna have the last laugh…Never bring carrots to a watergun fight,” Random_Reflections wrote.

princessleyva thought it might be bread. “Is that bread in the vest? Seriously, creative & genius!”

Lazy_Laugh2597 responded, “I definitely thought they were bread sticks!”

“I thought they were corn dogs,” ListenJerry answered. “My first thought was corn dogs, but that’d be an oily mess,” said another.

“Gonna go with carrots, given he works in fresh produce,” sbowesuk wrote.

Others suggested hotdogs. Whatever he had tucked in that vest, it’s the routine that has everyone buzzing. That’s because it’s so heartwarming to see the two have a friendship that makes both of them smile.

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