Rescuers Spot Cars Driving Over ‘Dead’ Dog, End Up Wonderfully Surprised

Kartavya animal and social welfare society regularly come to the aid of animals they find in distress in India. But sometimes they are too late to help. That’s what the shelter’s founds Riddle Paliwal and Akash Saxena thought was the case when they spotted a puppy lying in the middle of a busy road. Cars and trucks were driving over the prostrate dog.

Not wanting to leave his body to get crushed, they decided to retrieve it and give him a burial.

They wrote on Instagram, “”While we were passing by we noticed a kid [puppy] lying in the middle of the highway. But our heart didn’t allow us to leave his body there getting crushed by the vehicles, we decided to pick his body from the busy road and…do a proper funeral. We thought his dead body doesn’t deserve to get run over by vehicles.”

So Saxena navigated the traffic to get to the dog’s body and reached down to pick him up. That’s when he saw the dog move!

They immediately rushed him to a veterinarian who told them the dog had likely suffered a head injury and had been knocked unconscious. Miraculously, the small dog didn’t appear to suffer any other injuries so they took the dog back to their shelter to recover.

And recover he did. They fittingly named him ‘Miracle’ and although they regularly foster and then adopt, they decided Miracle’s home was with them.

The shelter wrote, “It was nothing less than a miracle to find Miracle alive on the highway when vehicles were literally running over him while he was lying unconscious after meeting with an accident.”

He is now part of Kartavya Society animal shelter and surely a daily reminder to Paliwal and Saxena to keep up their lifesaving work. You can find out more about Kartavya Society animal shelter on Instagram.

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