10-Day-Old Puppy Saved From A Dumpster Given A Warm Bath

Three tiny puppies were found in a bag in a dumpster and were scheduled to be euthanized before they were saved at the last minute by DFW Rescue Me. At only 10 days old, the orphaned babies need ’round the clock care.

The rescue group wrote, “It takes a very special person to foster bottle babies. It isn’t just a matter of feeding them every 2 hours and keeping them clean. You pretty much have to do it all. We try to make it as close to a mother’s care as we can get. Never a replacement, but as close as we can come. Warm baths help.”

At just a few weeks old, these rescuers are doing everything they can to help these babies. Bathing them like this calms their bellies when they have trouble going to the bathroom.

As you can see in the video below, one puppy really enjoys his “spa day”!

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