Rescued Baby Elephant Adorably Tries To Befriend Dog

Baby elephant Pyi Mai recently arrived at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary in Thailand and loves to explore and make new friends. Watch the cute moment she tries to befriend one of the rescue dogs at the charity in the video below.

It looks like she’s going to give up but then she tries again. She even gets down on her knees for the dog to get down to his level. Maybe she’s imitating the doggie “bow” when canines play. But the dog decides to be cautious with his big playmate and teases her a bit by running in circles.

One person commented, “The dog seemed to be playing with her, like they’re both trying to make friends with someone different than themselves. I hope they have more playtime together, this was very cute.”

Another agreed, saying, “Dogs bow forward when they’re feeling playful, which he does here. If the dog really didn’t want to engage he wouldn’t run around in circles.”

Don’t feel too sad for Py Mai and her frustrated attempt at making friends with the dog. When she and her mother arrived they were warmly welcomed by the herd. Since then she’s been exploring her new home and making new friends. She’s got a wonderful elephant pal in Wan Mai, another young elephant at the sanctuary and the two regularly play together.

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