Feral Puppy Leads Rescuer Straight To Her Hiding Siblings

A feral puppy assisted rescuers in saving her family when she lead them right to a den. It all began when a man contacted K9 Advocates Manitoba to tell them he thought there might be puppies on his rural property in northern Manitoba, Canada. Volunteers immediately went out to save the dogs. Among the volunteers was Brady Oliveira, who is a Canadian football League running back for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

He said that he immediately noticed the mom with one puppy. They couldn’t spot or hear any other puppies. But suddenly, one puppy took off. Brady thought it was weird and began to follow the puppy. She lead him to a shed and that’s when he looked under into a tiny hole and spotted the pup’s siblings.

Brady said the the pups were feral and didn’t want to come out. The catch pole didn’t work either because the pup’s heads were too tiny. So Brady left kibble out front of the hole and the pups would poke their head out. That’s where Brady’s football skills came in handy.

One, two, three, four. Brady scooped each pup out from under the shed and shortly after he was driving the family of dogs two Winnipeg to meet up with the fosters! And not soon after that the dogs were all adopted!

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