Police Officer Frantically Tries To Save Man From Being Hit By Oncoming Train

A man lying down on train tracks in New Jersey of was just seconds away from being hit by an oncoming train until a police officer intervened and saved his life.

Perth Amboy Police Officer Kyle Savoia’s body camera was recording as he frantically ran over to the tracks screaming for the man to move. At the last second, the man jumps to the side of the tracks as the train screeched to a halt.

While shouting at the man to “move, move, move” Savoia was also waving to the train to get it to stop, which it did – just inches from where the man had been lying face down.

The man who got off the tracks just in time and can be heard sobbing and asking Savoia, “Where did you come from? Thank you. Thank you so much!”

Savoia, 22, was dispatched to the Perth Amboy station on Thursday morning after receiving a call about a man on the tracks. What he hadn’t realized is that there would be an oncoming train.

“In a split-second I decided to start running,” Savoia told CBS2. “In that situation, your training takes over.”

Although it is unclear what the man was doing on the tracks, it appears that he may have somehow fallen asleep on the tracks.

Officer Savoia is a hero for what he did, and the man whose life he saved agrees.

“He said I’m a true hero to him,” Savoia said. “That he had a two-year-old, that he had a family to go home to.”

Watch the heart-pounding moment in the video below.

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