Young Owl Captures Child’s Hobby Horse Toy And Flies It Around Town

One child’s loss is a young owl’s gain. Eric Lind spotted an unusual sight in an Illinois neighborhood – an owl flying around with a children’s hobby horse toy!

“The young neighborhood owl has stolen this stick horse and is flying around the neighborhood with it,” Eric Lind wrote on Facebook. He alerted his neighbors, “Hilldale/Forest Park/Ridge lane neighbors…if your child is missing their stick horse, you’ll have to talk to the owl!!”

The owl has been in the area for around half of year and is part of an owl family.

Eric Lind / Facebook

Lind captured the owl’s unusual prize catch on video in case anyone doubted what he saw.

He made sure viewers knew that the owl doesn’t appear in danger of getting tangled on the stick horse.

“For those of you questioning if the owl is hurt or ‘entangled’ in the stick horse….we have no reason to believe this is the case as we witnessed the owl moving the horse around and even changing its grip on it at one point,” he explained.

Lind added, “If someone sees that the owl is in danger or believes it is hurt, I’m sure the proper authorities would be contacted.”

The young owl will probably learn soon enough that his catch isn’t of the edible kind and hopefully will leave the toy somewhere where it can be found by its family.

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