Awesome Dad Makes The Most Original Artistic Pancakes For His Kids

I’ve never seen pancakes like these before!

Nathan Shields is an illustrator and math teacher who began entertaining his kids with “silly pancakes”. Using a spatula and a few clever techniques, Nathan cooks them into amusing and clever shapes that are educational and entertaining!

Nathan told that his kids let him know which pancakes they like, “My daughter reports that her favorite pancakes are ‘Minnie ones and Cinderella ones and Belle ones and flower ones and zebra ones and cute birdies.'”

This creative dad has a huge collection of pancake art and told us, “I’m continuing to experiment with pancake recipes.” looked through Nathan’s work and below are the overwhelming favorites!

1. Arthropods


2. Dinosaurs (with moving jaws!)


3. Monsters with strawberries


4. Sports


5. Butterflies


6. The Hobbit


7. Santa’s reindeer


8. Birds


9. Fish


10. Winnie the Pooh


11. Marine Intvertebrates


12. Cephalopods


How does he make them? Here’s one of Nathan’s tutorial videos:

Amazing! I would feel bad eating these, but maple syrup would probably help me past the guilt.

Nathan also commissions pancakes, with the proceeds going to charities which support science.

“Anyone can harness the power of pancakes to do good in the world,” Nathan told

You can see more of Nathan’s pancake creations at and you can send him suggested themes via Twitter.

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