Music Composer Writes The Sweetest ‘Sympawnies’ In Memory Of Beloved Pets

From Purrludes on piano and harp for cats or a Pawiano trio for a dog, musical composer Noam Oxman has come up with a beautiful way to honor the memory of pets.

Oxman began composing his “Sympawnies” as a new way to express himself. He writes on YouTube, “In the search of new ways to express my art, my passions, and my music I created ‘Sympawnies’ – a new type of art form that combines three of my biggest loves – animals, music, and drawing. ‘Sympawnies’ is a collection of my original musical scores, which I draw in the shapes of different animals. All animals are welcome – pets/farm/wild.”

Oxman’s videos include a pet illustration drawn using musical notes. Although he hasn’t met the pets he writes his music for, with the help of their families he tries to convey their essence.

“Chubby Cat was sweet and playful and the perfect cuddle buddy,” Oxman wrote of one cat he composed for. “With a sprinkle of playful piccolo, a touch of warm strings, and a sweet harmony progression — hopefully, the music sounds just a little bit like him. Rest in peace sweet Chubby Cat.”

He wrote a happy piece in dedication of Henri.

“I have been told by Henri’s human that he was a very happy dog and I wanted to reflect it in the music as well so eventually, I came up with this baroque-style joyful gigue and I think it suits both his personality and appearance pretty well,” Oxman wrote. “I really hope this piece would serve as a meaningful way of memorializing Henri for his humans.”

His recent Xylopawn nonet is in memory of little Foxxy. “A pup as sweet and as full of character as Foxxy was, must be described musically with a xylophone nonet, and that’s why: you must have something that makes you feel warm inside – that’s the lush string section,” Oxman wrote. “Then you have to balance it with the lighter sound of the wind section, and finally, you have to add lots of character with the determined cutting sound of the xylophone! rest in peace sweet little Foxxy.”

Oxman donates at least 20% of his YouTube channel profits to cat rescue.

Here are a few more videos to enjoy:

Purrlude in D for harp (Miss Kitty)

Purrlude in G for piano (Tiger)

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