Woman Writes Menopause Rhapsody As Clever Parody Of Bohemian Rhapsody

With time on her hands during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shirley Șerban decided to engage her creative side by writing songs, an activity she says she does for her own amusement and has done so for many years. The New Zealander’s day job is at school, but in her spare time she loves writing songs and sometimes parodies of songs.

It recently occurred to her to her that Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody could be connected to menopause. How, you ask? Shirley explains on YouTube, “A rhapsody is an epic, episodic, highly emotional work. To be Bohemian is to be socially unconventional. Isn’t that combination the perfect description for a woman frustrated by menopause?”

So, yes lyrics such as “I am grumpy hot potato” make an appearance in her parody. Enjoy!

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