Lunch Lady In Tears After High School Students Give Her Surprise Of Her Life

Every week day, “Lunch Lady Lynn” serves the students at Bishop Manogue High School. You’d think her daily work would be overlooked by the kids, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the students wanted to show how much they appreciate what Lynn does for them. As one boy reveals in the video below, Lynn offers so much more than food. She offers her friendship and support should they ever need it.

With the help of a Dude Be Nice, a gratitude project out of California, the high school students prepared a very special day for her. Not only did they cook up a Tennessee BBQ to remind her of home, but when they found out her mom was sick they did something extra special to show her how much she means to them.

When you see what they do, it’s no wonder Lynn is moved to tears. It is heartwarming to see these young people giving back and showing how much they care.

Watch the surprise unfold in the video below and share the heartwarming moment with your friends.

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