Lost Dog Recognizes Her Family On TV And Rescues Herself

A lost dog helped get herself back home after she recognized her parents on television. How did it happen? The Bichon Poodle named Tabitha got lost when she was out for a walk with her dad, Alfred Schaefer.

Alfred has Alzheimer’s and had wandered from home. When his wife, Kelly went out looking for them, she could only find Alfred. “I had a decision to make and it was either get my husband or my dog. I couldn’t get both,” said Kelly. She went back out looking for Tabitha but could not find her.

YouTube / Brock Jonees

They posted flyers around the neighborhood and the couple also appeared on Fox 4 News pleading for help in finding their beloved dog.

It turns out that Tabitha was watching TV with her rescuers when the news piece aired and within 10 minutes they had called the news station to tell them they had found Tabitha!

Source: The Dodo

According to the family who found her, the moment Kelly and Alfred appeared on TV, the little dog perked up and her tail wagged like crazy. They knew instantly that she recognized them, even before they saw her photo.

What an incredible story and a wonderful happy ending!

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