Lexi Walker Sings Mash Up Of O Holy Night / Ave Maria For New Twist On Classic Tunes

You have likely heard O Holy Night and Ave Maria sung many times before, but never together! The Piano Guys have arranged the two perennial favorites into this beautiful new version!

They introduce their newest holiday video by asking, “What if Bach wrote O Holy Night? Then THIS angel would have to sing it.” The angel they are referring to is 15-year-old Lexi Mae Walker.

Lexi was only 11 when she sang the Star Spangled Banner at a soccer game in Utah and the video of her performance went viral.

Now a few years older, Lexi’s voice has matured and is ready to take on this stunning version of the song.

“O Holy Night has graced Christmas for 170 years since its inception. It has earned a place among the greatest carols of all time. But such fame can breed vapid familiarity,” the Piano Guys explain. “170 years of airtime can acclimate the ear so much that we may not feel the Holiness of O Holy Night as perhaps we once did. Unless, perhaps, its transcendent lyrics were cast into a new mold? A mold created by, none other than, J.S. Bach.”

The Piano Guys are not strangers when it comes to taking traditional songs and rearranging them into stirring new versions, like what they did to the Scottish Platten Fight Song

Check out their latest mash up in the video below and share it with your friends.

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