Woman Finds An Abandoned Starling Egg And Shows What A Year Of Love And Devotion Can Do

A year ago, Susan Hickman found a cracked bird’s egg and was surprised there was a hatchling inside.

Susan writes, “On June 16, 2014 I found a cracked Starling’s egg laying on the ground. As I picked it up a tiny baby bird began to emerge. I could not return it to a nest because I did not know from where it had come. But I could not, would not, just leave it there to die. I had to try. And so Klinger’s story begins.”

And it’s an amazing story! As Klinger was still just a hatchling when Susan found him, he likely would not have survived past the first day had Susan not helped!

Watch the video to see his heartwarming first year. Share this animal rescue video with your friends!

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