Customer Gets Justice After Being Bullied By Store Security Guard

A security guard refused to listen to a man trying to park his car at a grocery store. That’s when they watched the security footage and the guard started crying.

It started off as an innocent mistake. A customer arrived to shop at his local grocery store but the security guard insisted he could not park there because the guard assumed he was an employee. But when this security guard refused to listen and insisted that he was right, things got very, very messy.

The guard could have easily made a quick check to verify that his assumption was correct, but he failed to do so. And because he was adamant about enforcing an employee rule to a customer to which it doesn’t apply, he ended up facing severe consequences and regretting his decision.

Pubertphilm shared his story on reddit and it has quite a sweet ending for all the inconvenience he had to experience in this ordeal!

Security guard over-enforces employee rules on me, a customer. from IDontWorkHereLady

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