Police Search For Hours To Find A Dog Who Was Beaten And Left To Die

Meet Jameson. He used to be called Scrunchie. Before he went to live with his current family, he was found by four police officers laying in a snow bank clinging to life.


Jameson after his craniotomy. Photo credit: Facebook/ Ludlow Residents Against Animal Cruelty 

The officers combed the woods for nearly 2 hours to find him after they learned his former owner had attacked him. The man had beaten him so badly in the head that it didn’t look like he would make it. But the hurt dog let his rescuers know he was alive by moving his head slightly and they rushed him to hospital.


Jameson after his craniotomy. Photo credit: Facebook/Jameson’s Journey

The tiny Pomeranian Schipperke mix had to have emergency brain surgery (a craniotomy) to fix his fractured skull.

When the officers were told that it would cost $10,000 to help Jameson they immediately pulled out their credit cards to pay for the expensive procedure.

Photo credit: Facebook/Jameson’s Journey

Word spread about what the officers had done to help save Jameson and donations began to pour in from strangers and the community.

Soon there was enough money to cover all of Jameson’s medical treatments. Thanks to people’s generosity and the vets who helped him on on that terrible night, Jameson is alive today.

Jameson donned a Superman cape during his recovery. Photo credit: Facebook/Ludlow Residents Against Animal Cruelty 

One of the police officers who found him that terrible night fell in love with him and ended up adopting him!

By the way, Jameson’s former owner was charged with felony animal cruelty.


Photo credit: Facebook/Jameson’s Journey

Jameson’s mom had this to say on the one year anniversary of his rescue: “Jameson changed my life that night. His story horrified so many that night when they heard about it. He went from this injured, sad, bear cub lookalike, puppy to this amazing dog that warms people’s hearts and can instantly put a smile on the faces of so many.”


Jameson with his sisters. Photo credit: FacebookJameson’s Journey

He now has a happy life. His sisters accepted him right away.


Photo credit: Facebook/Jameson’s Journey

He loves to play and have fun.


Photo credit: Facebook/Jameson’s Journey

And he is greatly loved!

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