Homeless Dog’s Nightmare Transformed Into the Life of Her Dreams

One homeless dog’s nightmare has transformed to a dream come true thanks to rescuers with Hope For Paws. When Eldad Hagar received a call that two homeless dogs were living under an RV parked on the street he headed over to rescue them.

But as he and Loreta Frankonyte looked around, they could only see one disheveled and dirty dog huddled under the vehicle. They learned that someone else had been there before them and taken one of the dogs and left. But there was still this small frightened dog to save!

Once they had the dog safely in their care, they named her Hayley. She was quite young, but her teeth were in bad shape from her previous experiences. But under the care of veterinarians and Foxy and Hounds Rescue, Hayley would soon better and found the forever home of her dreams!

For those wondering about Hope For Paws’ dedication of this video to their friend Hayley Mysliwiec, Eldad Hagar explains that she “had a rough start, but then an adopting family came along and changed everything.” The full story is on his website.

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