Grieving Bird’s Heart Heals After Dancings With Her New Dad

When Audrey the Cockatoo’s first owner passed away, she fell into deep grief, plucking out her feathers and stopped singing. One day, a man named Misha Sitova met the owner’s 88-year-old wife and Audrey while out working. The woman told him about Audrey’s depression and how her husband had died and how 15-year-old Audrey had pulled out all her feathers in despair.

Misha must have made an impression on Audrey because the second time they met the bird flew into his arms. It was clear that Audrey had bonded with him. The widow, named Pat, asked Misha if he and his wife Kristin would rescue the young bird.

It would take a few weeks for Audrey to warm up to Kristin, but she immediately loved Misha and followed him around the house. As the couple built up trust with Audrey they discovered that the cockatoo loved to dance.

@kristinsitova We tried to do a family photo shoot but Audrey had bigger plans #pet #petlover #family #photo #fyp ♬ Break My Stride – Chateau Pop

Audrey loves to imitate Misha’s movements when the music plays and the pair dance, dance, dance. Kristin described on YouTube that they learned how much Audrey loved music when one day in their kitchen the song ‘Old Town Road’ came on the radio.

“Audrey started singing and dancing. We sent the video to Pat and she was just as shocked as we were to learn Audrey loves to jam,” Kristen wrote. After 3 months of living with the cockatoo, Kristin says that Audrey, “surprises us daily with new whistles, words, and dance moves. She’s especially into learning choreography like in this video with Misha. Her feathers are all growing back in too!”

They learned from Audrey’s previous owner that she loved to sing but it took a while for her to find her voice again. But she did!

@kristinsitova Audrey’s singing debut!!! 🌈 #bird #singing #petlover #happy #pet #foryou ♬ original sound – Kristin Sitova

Audrey has lived with Misha and Kristin for a few years now and the bird couldn’t be happier.

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Her chest feathers may never grow back, but her happiness has returned.

@humankind @kristin_sitova sad cockatoo learns to shake her tail feathers #cockatoo #cockatoosoftiktok #dance ♬ original sound – Humankind

Audrey’s heart and house is full and now she dances not only with Misha but her family’s three dogs, one cat and one wallaby!

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