Golden Retriever Fetches Live Baby Goose Instead of Her Ball

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Golden Retrievers like to retrieve. But Patty Carter got a bit of a surprise when her Golden Retriever, Violet, retrieved a live baby goose instead of her ball.

Violet was playing with her ball at one of her favorite spots, the Together Treasure Valley Dog Island in Ann Morrison Park, Boise, Idaho. She chased after her ball into a pond but took a detour and fetched a gosling instead.

Being a Golden Retriever she gently cups the bird in her mouth and swims back to Patty, who is in disbelief. She cries out, “Violet drop the duck!”

Violet, being an obedient dog, gently drops the gosling. Thankfully, the gosling was unharmed and Patty says the gosling quickly got up and swam back to its family.

“She has NEVER done this before,” said Patty of her dog. “Violet has chased animals, but has never actually caught anything.”

After being chastised by her mom, Violet didn’t go back to catching ducks and casually swam away after her duck retrieval, no doubt going back to playing with her ball.

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