Gentle Rottweiler Wants To Share Kitten Parenting Duties With Mama Cat

A dog who is introduced to newborn kittens goes from bewildered to smitten in a delightful series of videos.  Maggie the Rottweiler’s change of attitude has been shared by her family in a series of adorable TikTok video clips that have been viewed millions of times.

When Maggie first meets the 2-day-old kittens of her feline friend she doesn’t quite know what to make of the little bundles of fur. Curious but confused, Maggie sniffs one of the kittens hesitantly but keeps coming back for another sniff.

@mree1972 Maggie & Bonnie’s very first introduction to one of the kittens – 2 days old #rottweiler #chihuahua ♬ original sound – Marie Parkinson3899

A little time later, the mama cat gives Maggie permission to meet her babies. TikTokker Marie Parkisonson says that the cat “is best friends with Maggie, so trusts her implicitly.”

TikTok @mree1972

Maggie barks in excitement and prances around the kittens but she makes sure to keep her distance so as to not step on the young ones and lays down in front of them to appear smaller.

@mree1972 mum giving Maggie permission to meet her baby’s for the first time #rottweiler ♬ original sound – Marie Parkinson3899

It’s not long after this that Maggie decides she can take over parenting duties, or at least become Number One Babysitter. The Rottweiler gently picks up a kitten in her mouth and carries it to the couch where she gives the kitten a groom and some loving kisses.

@mree1972rottweilers are vicious, I don’t think so mine Is so soft xx♬ Emotional – Sallandu

The mama cat fully trusts Maggie with her babies and seems happy to let Maggie give her a break.

TikTok @mree1972

Now Maggie and the kittens regularly have a supervised playtime and cuddles on the couch.

@mree1972Maggie, The Rottweiler Diary’s 🐶♬ Who Let The Dogs Out – Original – The Doggies

It’s so cute to see how Maggie goes from not knowing what to make of the kittens when she first meets them to being totally in love and wanting to take care of them.

@mree1972adorable xx♬ original sound – Marie Parkinson3899

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