Fox Cuddles With Veterinarian After Long Day

Fox cuddles are the perfect remedy after a long day of work. A veterinarian shared a hug with a fox, which she says is “the fix for a long day.” The vet, who lives in the the United Kingdom, shared a video clip of the sweet moment between her and her rescued fox, Pumpkin.

She wrote, “This video was taken after a long day at work.”

The vet went on to explain how she ended up cuddling with the fox. She wrote, “Pumpkin is a fox that was brought to the clinic at Medivet Carpenders Park, where I’m the senior vet, after being hit by a car.”

“She had two broken legs and by the time we fixed her, I noticed she was blind,” the vet added. Knowing that the fox would not survive if she was released back into the wild, she adopted her.

“She [Pumpkin] lives with me and my two other dogs,” the vet wrote. “They all come to work with me and she loves to be cuddled when she is tired.”

No doubt the hardworking veterinarian appreciates the cuddles as much as Pumpkin does!

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