Dogs Hilariously Show Off How Happy They Are To Be Home From Vacation

Two dogs showed just how happy they were to be home from a vacation in an adorable video appearing on reddit. In the clip, a man is seen opening a door. A dog’s head appears and two dogs push past their dad to get inside first and begin to roll around. One takes a prime spot on the couch, the other rubs his head on the floor.

Noted one redditor, “They’re like, ‘I missed you floor! I missed you couch!'” Another noticed the dogs’ body language: “Those wagging tail tells how much happy being home again.”

hydez10Damn, wryly commented, “It must have been a terrible vacation for them.”

kas435red responded. “Whenever I get back from a very disappointing and overly expensive vacation I roll around just like that when I get home.”

SchnoodleDoodleDo came up with a poem for the occasion.

we are the dogs – we did the roam,
but Oh, we Love the smell of HOME!
we took ‘vacation’ with our friend,
(but couldn’t Wait for it to End!)
you took us out, went here n there,
(with You we will go Anywhere!)
but now – HOORAY! We do return :@) :@)
it is for Home our dog hearts yearn!
n as the keys go in the door,
we race inside, across the floor
the wood, the rug, the couch – the SMELLS!!
the Coziness of LOVE it spells
our fur it flies, our dog hearts soar
THANK G0D we ALL BACK HOME, once more!

But what are the dogs actually doing? Redditor darkwyverna who says they have worked 10 years training dogs says it looks like scenting activity.

“These dogs hadn’t been home in a while and are rubbing their scent back into the house,” darkwyverna wrote. “The one on the couch is using a full body technique to exchange scents with what is most likely their favorite place. The one in front is scent marking the entrance with the scent glands in their cheeks. This form of scent marking is the ‘human approved’ version.”

They continue, “Cheek scenting is more common in cats, but dogs also engage. You can tell this is NOT a play bow by the more specific body language. Most importantly the fact that the dog isn’t engaging the person or acknowledging them until the end.”

Another redditor figures the dogs are not only re-scenting but maybe wiping off any foreign scent they have on themselves so they “smell like home.”

But one person just thinks the dogs are also showing a human-like behavior. Referring to their own dogs they wrote, “Mine was always happy to get home as well. I think homes is just familiar to them. Even if you take their beds, toys etc with them, it’s not the same as being at home with those things.”

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