Dog Really Wants Tennis Balls In Window Display

Have you ever walked by a patisserie shop’s window and seen all the delicious treats on display and thought you have to have one? Something similar happened to Begbie the dog.

Recently, he walked by a hairdresser shop in Brighton, England, which had a special window display in celebration of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

There, in front of his eyes, was a collection of tennis balls all neatly lined up. This might not be a temptation for some dogs but Begbie is a “1.5-year-old lurcher mix who is utterly obsessed with tennis balls.”

As he stares at the display in dismay, he lets out a bark that sounds like “want one!”

Many people sympathize with the dog. “I know the feeling bud, ‘window shopping’,” commented one person. “That’s me when I walk by a bakery,” said another.

But don’t worry. Thankfully, Begbie’s human says he has “plenty of his own” tennis balls.

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