Funny Dog Thinks All The Holes In The Garden Are For Him

Franklin the Bulldog loves holes in the ground. If one of his parents digs a hole in the garden for a new plant, he thinks it’s for him and takes it over. His obsession with holes came when he saw his parents, Caitlin and Grant, were busy digging a drainage ditch. When he noticed they were focused on the ditch, he dove right in.

Now, Franklin gets very excited every time the shovel comes out or when his mom or dad bring home a new plant for the garden. But he never digs his own holes like other dogs, he simply waits for someone else to do it for him.

His mom says his quirk isn’t temperature related as he’ll jump into a hole no matter what the weather is outside. And she says he understands you are supposed to put something in the hole. We guess that he has simply decided that something is him!

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