17 Adorable ‘Dog Plants’ Are Sprouting Up In Gardens Everywhere

At one time or another, every dog owner will find a “dog plant” in their yard. There it will be, sprouting from a garden pot, protruding from a plant or strewn in a dirt pile. It doesn’t matter how odd-shaped or small that potting planter is, somehow your dog is going to find his/her way into it, just like these 17 adorable dogs did!

1. Now that’s a pool every dog will love!

Cute boi chilling in a pot from r/MadeMeSmile

2. This one might need to be transplanted to a bigger pot.

3. Then there are those dogs that plant themselves in the ground.

4. This “dog plant” is quite relaxed.

5. “Due to climate change and more sunny days than usual for this time of year, the wild dog plant’s growing season has started early”

6. This one is starting to sprout!

My dog plant is finally blooming!

7. Here’s an unusual flower.

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8. It’s dog planting season.

Dog-planting season

9. Dog plants love being the sun.

10. They LOVE it.

11. Don’t forget, they need regular watering.

why cant my dog be normal

12. Planting in progress.

My new ‘dog plant’ is coming along nicely

13. This box is for me? You shouldn’t have!

14. Here’s a rare “bloom”.

Plantpot Dog

15. Dog plant on watch.

My dog’s favourite place to sit, in a plant pot from r/aww

16. Two pots, one for a pillow.

17. With a dog plant like this, everyone will want one!

Our dog likes to sleep in the plant pots from r/aww

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