180 Pound Dog Refuses To Turn Around On Narrow Dock

After a lovely day on the water with her parents and dog, this daughter couldn’t stop laughing after their 180-pound dog didn’t want to budge on the dock.

In the viral TikTok video @halbridge explains that their dog loves going for rides on the boat and they had just gotten back. But he just would not turn around on the narrow pier, prompting her parents to take matters into their own hands.

The dog’s actions seem very sensible to us! If he was worried about falling in, of course he plunked down and refused to budge. As one viewer noted, “In his defense… I get it.” Another pointed out, “Ok but let’s not forget ‘he just a baby’.”

“I keep thinking ‘Pivot!!!’ wrote another viewer. (reference to the Friends TV episode with the gang moving a couch, in case you were wondering)

We keep thinking that maybe next time the family will try to ensure their dog is facing the opposite direction when lifting him out of the boat?

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