Heroic Dog Leads Lost Rescue Workers to Remote Turkish Village to Deliver Disaster Relief

A truck filled with disaster relief supplies got lost in the mountains while on their way to a remote village destroyed in the recent earthquake in Turkey. But thanks to a dog, they arrived safely to deliver the aid.

A dog, who saw the aid convoy in Kahramanmaraş, guided the teams to the village of Ayanburnu high in the mountains.

In the video, the drivers follow the dog through snowy terrain along a steep mountain road. The dog sprints along the narrow, dangerous road as they drive behind him. The men in the car are talking during the two minute drive, marveling at their guide.

“Is the dog leading us to the village?” one man asks. The other man talks to the camera: “There is this little dog helping us here. He is showing us the way. Most probably he is leading us to the correct way.”

“We are going to a small village that was destroyed during the earthquake,” one man further reveals  in translation provided by Redditor Testimoni. The aid worker speculates that the “village people sent this dog for help. We lost our way but this dog seems to be helping us.”

One of the men wonders if the dog will get tired, but as they continue along the long road, the dog doesn’t slow down. “Do you think he will slow down?” he asks. The other man answers, “I don’t think he will stop.”

Finally, as they round one of the bends in the road, some houses appear. “I think he brought us to the village,” one man observes. He goes on to say that the village is very far from the center. “This is Kahramanmaraş, one of the most remote villages of Göksu,” he reveals. “The transportation problem is very big….There are already big stones on the roads, there are also pieces of rocks,” he also describes.

The aid worker adds that they are the first aid team to arrive there. Before the video ends one man says, “Once we got lost we started to follow this dog. And it seems like he brought us to the village.”

They arrive in village.

The amazing dog reminds many people of the dog who led firefighters to a burning house in Alaska. Others likened the dog to the heroic sled dog Balto.

Some viewers remarked how amazing it is that the dog knew how to get help. One viewer noted people don’t give animals the credit they are due in helping humans and recalled the story of Lulu the pig who ran to a road and faked dead to save her owner.

Others were not expecting the dog to be so far away from home. “I’m wondering how the dog was that far from the village in the first place,” one person commented. “I guess the people really did send him. He must be one of those herding dogs with infinite energy who are just brilliant.”

“Wow, the video was way longer than I was expecting! That dog was quite a ways out in the wilderness,” observed another viewer. “I hope after it [the dog] led them there it went back somewhere safe and warm and got something to eat.”

One thing is for sure, the dog is one very smart and loyal pup in helping deliver the much needed disaster relief to his community. We hope he is rewarded for his actions too.

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