Heroic German Shepherd Dog Leads Alaskan State Trooper To Burning Home

An adopted German Shepherd Dog named Buddy lead an Alaskan state trooper to his owner’s home after a spark ignited some gasoline and started a fire. Buddy knew his owner, Ben Heinrich, was in trouble so Buddy took off to find help.

Neighbors had called police to report the fire and injuries and Trooper Shanigan was trying to make his way to Ben’s home when his GPS stopped working.

With 93 miles (150 km) of back roads in the region, he had to drive slowly as directions were relayed to him from head office. He then spotted a shadowy shape on the road.

It was Buddy! The dog began running in the direction of his home and Shanigan following after. The police officer’s dash mounted camera captured the amazing moment on video.

Buddy’s bravery not only saved lives, it prevented further property damage in what could have been a serious blaze. A year later, Heinrich and Shanigan were interviewed and recounted Buddy’s heroism. Watch the video below for their first-hand accounts of that fateful night!

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