Dog Day Care Films Hilarious Sleeping Positions Of Their Napping Pups

Often doggy daycares will share funny videos of the dogs in their care running around having fun, or being socially awkward. But what about nap time?

Dog lovers know their pups can get into all kinds of unusual sleeping positions. Some people even say the position a dog sleeps in reveals their mood.

So we’re not really sure what that says about the dogs at this doggie daycare and the positions they are caught sleeping in. But staff at @paddingtonpups doggie day care recently released a video on TikTok of their favorite sleepers and gave them some catchy names like ‘The Snorkler!’ and ‘The Wall Leaner.’ Our favorite has to be the upside down ‘I-Spy’.

@paddingtonpups Some interesting choices 🥸 #fyp #dogsoftiktok #doggydaycare #cute #sleeping #positions ♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme)

As Paddington Pups says of their clients, “Some interesting choices.” The funny video has quickly gone viral and received over 11 million views. The greyhound in particular caught many viewers’ attention.

“The greyhound looks like it melted!” shared commenter @nadiabreckon.

Katie Weston noted, “That is one very typical greyhound! Mine will lie on a double bed and still have her head hanging off the end.”

Can McNamara agreed and wrote, “As a greyhound owner I can confirm they sleep as if they’re filled with jelly.”

Given the endless choices of sleep positions available to a dog we are counting the days until Paddington Pups shares a Part 2! It’s so fun to see these happy pups enjoying a relaxing nap after a day filled with fun and friends.

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