The Position In Which Dogs Sleep Reveals Secrets About Their Personalities And Their Moods

Dogs are a lot like people when it comes to sleeping. They will have sleeping positions they favor when they’re ready for a deep sleep or a quick nap. At first it might look like your dog snoozes all day. But by observing how they sleep you will not only get an idea of what mood they are in, but how comfortable and safe they are feeling! Here are 6 sleeping positions to keep an eye out for.

1. The Light Doze.

Dogs will doze off lightly during the day if they are bored or resting. Your dog might be have their eyes closed and appear to be napping, but the moment you get up from your chair or move away from them, they’re instantly up and alert.  Watch their ears, they are probably listening for something that might perk their interest (walk time?) and make it worth waking up for.


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2. Sleeping on their side.

This is a pretty common sleeping position that indicates your dog is comfortable with their surroundings and trust you and the environment they are in. A dog will often sleep on their side when they are ready for a deep sleep, say, after play time or a long walk. The side sleeper will often find something to have their back resting on (like a wall, a sofa, your leg….) so they can be extra comfortable.


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3. Curled-up in a ball. Sometimes called the “Curly Whirly” or “The Fox”

If you catch your dog curled-up in this snuggly position with their paws tucked away and their tails wrapped around their bodies, then they’re in a sleep position that is considered the most common and the most protective. Many wild animals sleep in this position because it conserves their body heat the best. They can also wake up very quickly from this position, so the position is a dog’s most defensive. It’s like a “do not disturb” sign, indicating they want to rest, so it’s best to leave them alone.

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4. Stretched out on their tummy. Sometimes called the “Superman” position

If you find your dog stretched out and sleeping on their stomach with their legs extended and looking like Superman, then they are in a resting position but ready to “fly” at a moment’s notice. Puppies tend to do this one a lot.


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5. Paws in the air.

A dog that sleeps on his back is a happy, relaxed dog enjoying a deep sleep. They are letting it all hang out. If you see them doing this in warm weather it’s because they’re keeping cool by exposing their belly.


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6. Back to back.

If a dog sleeps back to back with you or with your other pets, then they are bonding. They are showing affection and showing how much they love their family.


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Then there are the sleeping positions that simply defy definition, but they are so, so cute!


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