Dog And Cat Go Through Mesh Door Very Differently

When it comes to navigating through the mesh screen door Brewskie the cat and Squink the dog have very different techniques. Squink, a 5-year-old rescued terrier mix, has a traditional approach. Brewskie, a 2-year-old Highland Lynx (or Highlander cat), goes for something more unique.

Says their owners, “They like to play in the yard. To get there, they have to go through a Magic Mesh screen. Squink walks right through and Brewskie can too – if he wanted to. But Brewskie is a little extra. He likes to make a grand exit and entrance.”

Brewskie’s “little extra” even has a name, what his family calls “The Brewskie Burst.” Of it, the family writes, “As people say, watching Brewskie do what we call The Brewskie Burst never gets old. Squink is always a little perplexed.”

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