Sneaky Dog Adorably Tries To Scare His Owner At The Top Of The Stairs

A sneaky dog who loves to give his mom playful scares is impressing Internet viewers with his smarts. In the video, the playful pup hides at the top of the stairs ready to spring out and take his mom by surprise. And he’s successful multiple times too!

Many viewers were equally impressed by the dog’s intelligence and how adorable he is when he manages to surprise his mom. They are especially impressed that the dog is clever enough to switch positions at the top of the stairs so as to be extra sneaky and unpredictable. Mom gingerly walks up the stairs and looks to the right where her dog has pounced out of hiding before. But this time her dog is crouched and waiting on the left side!

“I love how it switched sides, knowing you’d be expecting it on the other! Very smart dog,” wrote one viewer in the video’s comments.

“The fact he swapped sides is hilarious,” wrote another.

“I love his “gotcha” happy dance,” someone else noted of the dog’s behavior.

“Oh gosh, she is one lucky mom! I’ve never seen anything so sweet and smart,” concluded one viewer. “That doggy absolutely adores his mom- she’s his playmate!!”

Being able to sneak up on “prey” or sneak around and steal food is an animal behavior seen in canines in the wild. But our domesticated dogs put these clever skills to different uses in human homes. There’s Mace, a dog who stealthily sneaks up on his dad to get back his favorite toy. And there’s the neighborhood dog who puts his sneaking skills into action to steal loaves of bread from a bakery. All of which serve as good (and funny) reminders to keep your eyes on your dog. You never know what they might be up to!

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