Dog Sneaks Into Bakery To Steal A Bag of Bread

A naughty dog decided to help himself to a loaf of bread at a bakery, much to the shop owner’s dismay. Bakery owner Maria de Fátima shared surveillance footage from the store’s security cameras that catches the dog’s thievery for the world to see.

Footage shows the black dog scoping out the store by peering inside. He’s checking to see the owner is busy with a customer. With the store owner distracted, the dog makes his move, grabbing the loaf from the shelf before making a hasty exit.

The bakery in Marilândia, in the interior of Espírito Santo, is around the corner from where the dog lives. Maria de Fátima says she has lost count of how many times she has lost a loaf to the “canine miscreant.”. The merchant says the canine thief began his crime spree last year after she put on a promotion.

“We put the bread on a table next to the door, to do a promotion,” she tells Brazilian news outlet G1 Globo. Then this dog comes and steals the bread on the table. The first time was last year, and we have lost count of how many times he has come here to steal the loaves.”

“The first time he came, he took the bread, crossed the street, went up to the flower bed and started eating. He tried to come back, we had a fight with him, but now he’s coming straight [in], he just got used to it,” says Maria. We keep watch, but for a minute, he goes in, catches and leaves, just like a thief.”

And it seems the dog may be starting a trend, becoming a ringleader of sorts. Maria says that other dogs in the neighborhood are following his example. “This dog seems to have an owner, but he lives on the street,” she explains. “And he is bringing other dogs here, all of them from the street.”

Naughty dog, naughty! Here’s hoping Maria can turn these bread-loving dogs into a new promotion for her business to help make up for her losses.

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