Couple Adopts The Last Dog Left At Shelter, Who Just Happens To Be A Blind German Shepherd

A blind 5-year-old German Shepherd who arrived at an Arizona shelter very malnourished after being abandoned in a backyard has gotten a Christmas wish come true.

The Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix recently held an adoption drive over Thanksgiving weekend to help find their homeless pets families. They found homes for 313 of their pets, leaving just one behind. That last pet – number 314 – was Bryan.

The shelter staff knew they might have a more difficult time with Bryan, due to his partial blindness. But they kept hoping someone would find it in their heart to adopt him…and someone did!

Patti Mooers is a life-long German Shepherd owner and has cared for disabled dogs in her past. When she saw Bryan’s picture (#314) she knew she wanted to meet him. Shortly after, Bryan was heading off to his new home.

Bryan is now home for Christmas and as an acre of land to play on! Mooers says Bryan seems “real content” in his new home and is “smelling everything”.

What a wonderful happy ending for Bryan! Share his story with your friends and encourage people to adopt not shop!

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