Chimpanzee Reacts to Seeing Her Baby For First Time After C-Section

A chimpanzee had an emotional reunion with her baby after she gave birth via C-section. Mahale, a chimpanzee at Sedgwick County Zoo, had not seen her infant for two days after giving birth because baby Kucheza had to stay at the hospital due to low oxygen levels. But nearly 48 hours after birth, mom and baby were able to reunite and the moment was captured in a heartwarming video the zoo shared.

Baby Kucheza is swaddled in a blue blanket and Mahale sits off to the side. She is unsure of what is going on but the moment she sees her baby’s arm reach up, she leaps over to pick him up. Her great emotion is evident in the way she hugs him and sways. It’s clear she is feeling tremendous relief and joy to see him alive.

The zoo writes, “Mahale is an exceptional mother and it’s clear how much she loves her baby.” The two will stay behind-the-scenes and not be seen in public until “it’s clear that they are both healthy and bonded.” From the video, it looks like Mahale is already strongly bonded to Kucheza, which is wonderful to see.

Mahale gave birth on November 15, 2022. The zoo shared earlier video of Kucheza just after Mahale’s c-section, which shows their team of veterinarians working to stabilize the baby’s oxygen levels.

The animal care team opted for a C-section after then noted Mahale struggling after laboring through the morning.

Kucheza at Sedgwick County Zoo

Thankfully, baby and mother are recovering very well.

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