Bruce Lee’s Only Recorded ‘Real’ Fight Surfaces In Amazing Footage

Many will agree that Bruce Lee was a master martial artist in addition to being a movie star. He trained many students in his form of martial arts alongside of his film career and this video is a rare glimpse into this.

The video channel purports the following footage to be the only recording of Bruce Lee in a real fight. This sparring match is said to from the 1967 Longbeach International Karate Championships.

“He’s fighting Ted Wong here, one of his top students,” the YouTuber says in the video description. “They are wearing protective gear because they were NOT ALLOWED to fight without them. Those were the state rules at the time.”

Lee’s amazing speed and incredible precision is on full display. Just look at the number of times he successfully hits Wong every time Wong launches an attack. The fight begins at minute 5:02 in the video below:

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