Boy Who Begged For A Dog Since He Was 3 Years Old Finally Has His Wish Come True

It’s Adam’s 12th birthday and his mom is giving him some gifts, but what he doesn’t know is that he is about to get a gift he’s been begging for since he was three years old.

boy gets puppy surprise

TikTok @cincygirl513

In the now viral TikTok video shared by his mom, Adam is in the kitchen unwrapping some presents. Adam tells his mom the toys are dog toys, thinking she’s made a mistake. Mom can be heard off-camera apologizing “Are you serious? They’re dog toys? I’m sorry, bud, I guess you need a dog.”

boy surprised with puppy

TikTok @cincygirl513

Adam doesn’t know what his mother means but at that very moment his dad walks in holding an adorable black puppy. Adam’s reaction is priceless! Watch the heartwarming moment in the TikTok video below:

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If you have trouble viewing the TikTok video above, try this version:.

The young boy immediately tells his mom “I’m going to cry” to which his mom responds “Okay.”

It’s quickly clear that Adam is overwhelmed with emotion that “his wish came true.”

From the way he reacts, you know the dog is going to be well loved.

boy surprised with puppy

TikTok @cincygirl513

Adam’s mom shared a follow-up video showing Adam with Weller. Weller is an 8-week-old Portuguese Water Dog mixed with Golden Retriever.

In the video, a heartwarming collection of photos shows Adam celebrating Weller’s first outside potty, cuddling with him in his pen and the two becoming best friends!

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Viewers love the sweet moment and commend Adam for being so “genuinely nice.” One redditor commented, “Kid was still so nice and appreciative over a dog toy… so happy this guy got a dog.”

boy surprised with puppy

TikTok @cincygirl513

“That was my favorite part of the video,” another viewer responded. “He opened dog toys for his birthday and was still appreciative. That’s a sweet kid. I hope I can raise mine to be good kids like that.”

“I think those parents are special and admirable. My favorite was when the kid goes ‘I’m gonna cry’ and his mom goes, ‘that’s ok’. My heart!”

Weller has definitely found a family who will love and cherish him as much as they love one another.

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