Boy Catches Huge Fish As Big As Him

While out ice fishing this young boy caught a fish as big as himself! But what’s really heartwarming to see is how his family reacts.

“Six-year-old Drayden Nelson went out on the Kotzebue Sound [in Alaska] with family to do some subsistence ice fishing,” his family wrote of the moment captured on the video they shared. “Drayden pulled up his very first sii fish.”

In the video, Drayden’s mother, Margaret, and his father, Stephen, proudly stand by and watch their son try to pull the fish out of the water without a rod and reel.

“Pull it up son,” encourages dad Stephen as Drayden struggles to pull the fish out of the ice hole by himself.

“Wow, it’s a monster,” say the spectators. They cheer the young boy on as he keeps pulling it up.

Shii fish can get up to 60 pounds and the one Drayden successfully pulls out out is a pretty big one! Once the fish is out, the family measured it and it turned out to be 46 inches long, which is the exact same height as Drayden!

“Drayden was amazed at how big his shii fish was which was the exact same height as him which came out to be 46 inches long,” said his family.

The video went viral a few months ago and has been viewed nearly 80 million times! What people are most impressed by is the dad’s support of his son, with many recollecting their own experiences out fishing.

“This is how you raise your children: letting them do the job and acting only when they really need to. Awesome,” wrote one viewer.

“Dad setting a great example for his son,” said another viewer. “He is manly but gentle and patient. You can tell how proud and happy he is watching his boy catch a big fish!”

“This is so joyful. I love how his dad encourages him – “pull out up son, pull it up.” My eyes welled up from the memories fishing with my dad. I’m 60 now and dad has been gone for 12 years. During the last month of his life we went fishing,” recollected one person. “May his son have many memories with his dad, fishing. Thank you for this video.”

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