Boy Squeaks When He Laughs After Accidentally Swallowing Dog Toy

Jonathan Serrano was trying to tease his mom when he accidentally swallowed his dog’s squeaky toy and the resulting noise every time he spoke has gone viral.

The 13-year-old says he removed a whistle out of a dog toy and put it between his lips trying to annoy his mom. But when she looked like she was going to try and hit him, he got startled and the whistle went into his airways.

The result was that every time he laughed, he squeaked!

Although Serrano says he was not in danger of choking on the small device, he couldn’t dislodge it so his mom took him to hospital.

He says he spent all night in the ER but eventually doctors sedated him and used a special scope to get the squeaker out. But not before nurses and doctors came by and asked him to squeak…I mean speak. In the viral clip a medical professional can’t help but cover her masked mouth to stop from laughing.

Here’s Serrano’s original TikTok video:

@brownjonathan33 It’s ture I almost die ##Neardeath#f#funny ♬ original sound – Jonathan Serrano

But kids – and adults – don’t try this at home! Serrano was pretty lucky it wasn’t more serious.

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