Bear Takes ‘Hundreds of Selfies’ On Wildlife Camera In Colorado

A curious bear turned out to be one big camera hog after showing up in hundreds of “selfies” on a wildlife camera in Colorado.

“Of the 580 photos captured,” by the camera “about 400 were bear selfies,” Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks team tweeted on Jan. 23. They wrote that the bear seems to have taken a “special interest” in the camera resulting in the unexpected photoshoot.

“In this instance, a bear took a special interest in one of our wildlife cameras and took the opportunity to capture hundreds of ‘selfies,’” Phillip Yates, a spokesperson for Open Space and Mountain Parks, told NBC News.

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

“These pictures made us laugh, and we thought others would, too,” Yates said.

The bear’s photo range from glamour shots to ones where he/she is sticking out his/her tongue and waving “goodbye”. The trail camera is among several motion-activated cameras to help park officials identify and monitor “important wildlife areas” in the area.

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

The cameras, the park officials say, “come to life when an animal steps in front of them.” The resulting information helps them identify important wildlife areas.

It is a bit unusual that this bear is not getting his/her beauty sleep (e.g. hibernating) at this time of year, but she/he sure knows how to leave a lasting impression.

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