Beachgoers Clap To Reunite Lost Girl with Mother On Brazilian Beach

The beaches in Brazil see millions of visitors every year, so it’s no wonder that sometimes children can become separated from their parents with all the bustle.

But beachgoers have a simple but effective alarm to help parents locate their lost children.

With no broadcasting system to cover the large stretch of sand, bystanders clap around the lost child and lift the kid on their shoulders to help parents see and hear where their child might be.


There have been several videos highlighting the technique, and this is one such video.

A little girl has become separated from her parents on Pria das Conchas (beach) so the crowd begin to clap.


The beachgoers clap in unison. One man waves his arms in the water as a man carries the child on his shoulder.


Thankfully, within moments, the mother (with her other children) hears the commotion and runs over to her – giving her a relieved kiss and hug.

Apparently, the clapping is a common technique to help lost kids in Brazil. It’s a sensible solution as it would be far more difficult for the crowd to try and find the parent among all the people.

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