Rescuers Save Injured Newborn Monkey From Poachers

A tiny newborn monkey had been hurt and snatched by poachers and did not have much hope of surviving. But thanks to the quick actions of authorities and veterinarians, the baby is getting a second chance.

After receiving a call about a poached spider monkey, the Belize Forest Department located and confiscated the baby within 3 hours.

She was suffering form shock and dehydration, which is the leading cause of death in poached wildlife and was rushed to Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic in order to save her life.

They named her Izzie and while rehydrating her, they also discovered she had a broken arm. An X-ray revealed she was suffering from even more broken bones caused by shots from a pellet gun.

In the video you’ll see the veterinarians caring for Lizzie. Stay tuned to the end for photos of her recovering!

Whereas her chance of surviving at the hands of her poachers was slim, thanks to her rescuers Izzie has a chance to return to her wild home.

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