Autistic Boy’s Dream Comes True with Puppy Surprise

A young boy’s wish for a Pug finally came true after waiting for years. Peton’s family surprised him with the puppy on their doorstep when he came home from school, pretending it was a wild rabbit rescue (Peyton has rescued animals in the past).

Mom writes:

“Our son, Peyton, has wanted a pug for the past 6-7 years, but with his Autism, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder diagnoses, we knew we had some work to do before giving him a responsibility that big. He’s been working so hard in school, therapy, and at home and the amount of love he has for all living creatures showed us it was time.”

“One day, when he was at school, we drove 2 hours away to pick up his puppy. Because he’s rescued countless wild animals in the past, we told him it was a bunny our dog had caught. He knows Mommy doesn’t do well with wild critters, so he was more than happy to help. You can see his restraint and gentleness when the box is lifted and hear the sheer gratitude in his voice.”

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