Adorable Pit Bull Is Obsessed With Swimming In The Pool

Cangri is a pittie who just loves to swim. In fact his family think he’s so obsessed they call him a “little dog shark.” Cangari started off enjoying a splash in a kiddie pool. But when Ana and her family moved into a home with a pool it was game on for Cangri! The adorable dog soon realized the pool wasn’t a kiddie pool, it was a kiddie pool times ten!

Now he loves swimming for hours and hours and would do it every day if he could. And we love the way his family gets him out of the pool!

Cangri doesn’t just wear the personal floatation devices (PFDs) for fun. His muscular build means he’s sink into the water. Without a life vest on he might drown. “We discovered that problem as soon as he started swimming and started going under right in front of us, so no more of that,” says his mom on TikTok.

Ana adds, “He is a perfect example of why the vest was created in the first place he is so obsessed, but he can’t hold all that muscle up.”

Cangri’s safety is very well looked after as it’s clear he’s never without his vest and he’s always supervised in the pool.

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