Here Are 16 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Dogs Growing Up

Time seems to go by quickly when you have a dog! One minute they are puppies, and the next minute they’re all grown up. That’s why it’s important to capture every moment we spend with them and capture just how sweet and wonderful life with a dog is!

Check out these adorable pictures of dogs growing up and marvel at how time flies when you’re having fun with your canine friends!

1. “All grown up.”

2. “Friends forever.”

3. “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.”

4. “Some things never change.”

5. “What a difference six months makes.”

6. “112 dog years.”

112 dog years from pics

7. “My dad and my dog they have done this every night since we have gotten her when she was 10 weeks old.”

8. “Growing up.”

9. “12 weeks apart.”

10. “All these years, it’s still her favorite toy.”

All these years later and it’s still her favourite toy from aww

11. “Got her as a present for my 12th birthday, now I’m 26 and celebrating her 15th birthday!”

12. “Am I still as cute as I used to be?”

13. “Growing up sucks.”

Growing up sucks from pics

14. “Before and after: 5 weeks & 55 weeks”

Before and after: 5 weeks & 55 weeks from aww

15. “A year on, and he still likes to be carried.”

16. “Little Irwin. Big Irwin! One year old today.”

Little Irwin. Big Irwin! One year old today. from aww

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