94-Year-Old Man Warmly Greeted By His Doggie Neighbors Every Time He Visits

A pair of dogs are very happy to have a neighbor like Mr. Bill and their mom shared the reason why. Charlie and Doug live in South Carolina with Kimberly Hansberry Shelton and her family. Recently, Shelton filmed an adorable video of her dogs with her senior neighbor.

Shelton is looking into her backyard when Mr. Bill, her 94-year-old neighbor, appears and walks over to their fence. He takes a moment to peer over the fence into her yard. He’s looking for her dogs, who race over to him the moment he appears. Next thing you know he’s tossing them some crackers! No wonder the dogs love him!

@kimberlyhanberry Mr. Bill for president 🥹 #fyp #goldenretriever #southcarolina #ditl #trending #treat #wholesome #feelings ♬ You're My Best Friend – Acoustic – Paul Canning

When the weather is nice, Shelton explains in the TikTok video, Mr. Bill heads over for a visit and brings them treats and says hello.

“We are so lucky and blessed to have moved right behind him,” she wrote. “The world needs more Mr. Bills.” And we think Charlie and Doug would wholeheartedly agree!

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